Shipping and Receiving

With 142,000 square feet of warehouse space, 18 docks, and over 20 forklifts, our team can handle any amount of trucks for shipping and receiving.


Orders need to be filled, and pallets need to be built.  Silver Foam Distributing has invested in machinery to get your products out promptly and accurately.

Shrink Tunnel Application

If your products need to be shrunk with plastic film, we have the capability of securing your product with a clear film to be ready for retail.


Need your products at a certain temperature?  At Silver Foam Distributing we have the ability to store products at 36 degrees.

Stretch wrapping

Pallets need to be secured for long distance travel.  Our team has the ability to make sure each pallet is wrapped to ensure your package is secure upon arrrival.

Kitting and Consolidation

From gift packs to general repacking Silver Foam Distributing handles your products with care.

Watch what Silver Foam Distributing can do for you!

Check out this video of our new Repalletizer machine!

Take a look at one of our recent projects for Founders Brewing.

Are you ready for retail? Let us help prepare your product for the shelves. See this video on the process.

See our services in motion in this recent video of a 20th Anniversary gift box for Founder's Brewing.