About us


Established in 1979, Silver Foam Distributing has been exceeding customer expectations in everything from distribution, logistics, warehousing, customized solutions to document procurement for shipments. We have been shipping products to 28 U.S states, 7 provinces throughout Canada, and most recently into Mexico.


Silver Foam Distributing has 2 facilities in the United States.  Our headquarters with 142,000 sq. feet of space is located in Jackson, MI which is approximately 1 hour north of 80/90, which is the nation's largest East-West Corridor, 1.3 miles from I-94, 1.9 miles from US 127, and 1 hour from the Ambassador Bridge, North America's #1 International Border Crossing.  Our newest location with 22,000 sq. feet of space is in Indianapolis, IN which is within 1 day's drive of 80% of the US popluation, and only 15 minutes from the CN Indianapolis Intermodal terminal.

Our Team

Silver Foam Distributing wants to be your partner in getting your products from A to B.  Whether utilizing our Foreign Trade Zone, or simply needing warehouse space, our team can receive, repalletize, manipulate, store, and ship any product domestically or internationally.  Let Silver Foam Distributing handle the logistics of your business so you don't have to!